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Getting you started on the right foot by building a foundation that gives you confidence in what you’re doing and clearly communicates to your ideal client without saying a word.

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Establishing Longevity by Building Your Foundation

Building a house without a foundation and structure is just dooming it to collapse. The same is true of your logo and website. Your brand is more than visual. It is the totality of what your ideal clients see and experience.
Your brand should convey your message while attracting your ideal clients. In my process, I use tools like strategy sessions, color psychology, etc. to get to the heart of who you are, who you serve, and the message you’re trying to convey. Your logo and website will flow from there.

I’m not just designing cute little logos and websites for you to show off pretty pictures. Aesthetically pleasing goes without saying. Yes, I love to design but, I also believe your website should grow with you and work for you. Growth comes with planting your seeds in the right soil.

Let’s transform your business idea into a fully fleshed-out brand you and your clients can depend on.

Your Goals: What is Your Vision?

First, we’ll look at how you got to this point, what your plan is moving forward and what your end goal is for you and your business.

Your Story: Your Value + Your Experience

Then, we’ll explore who you are, why you do what you do, and who you want to serve i.e. your ideal clients/customers: Your People.

Your Visuals: Branding + Web Design

Now that we have clarity on you, your business, your goals, and your plans, we can move on to the visuals. The work we did will inform and inspire your visuals.


Let's Tell Your Story!

Impact the world, or your little corner of it, by telling your story to your people. Your story is waiting to be heard by those you desire to serve!

I'm Ready to Tell My Story!
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